Structural composition of LED panel light / flat light / flat light (2)


3.Light guide plate The side LED light is deflected and […]

3.Light guide plate
The side LED light is deflected and deflected by the point to change the angle of the light. The light guide plate is the core of the LED panel light. The point design is very important, the point design is not good, and the overall light efficiency is very poor.
In general, there are 1. Both sides are dark 2. There are bright edges when entering the light, and the darkness is in the middle 3. At different angles, the overall brightness is inconsistent 4. Local dark areas are obvious. In the design of the point, the light efficiency of the light guide plate is very large, followed by the choice of the plate, but it is also wrong to blindly pursue the brand plate. As long as the test has a high light transmittance, there is no problem.
4.Reflective paper
Reflects residual light from the back of the light guide-usually RW250.
5.Back cover
Sealed lamp body-generally using aluminum alloy, the overall texture is strong, and can play a little role in heat dissipation.
6.LED light source
Generally use 3528/3014, some people use 5630 and 5050, 5630 and 5050 are not efficient and the point design is difficult, the versatility is poor, but the cost is low. The 3528 efficient network is highly versatile. Often, you can purchase additional light guides without redesigning the sample.
LED panel light / panel light installation and installation method
1.Can be installed on ceilings, walls and mounting surfaces;
2. Can be hung under the ceiling or the installation body. When set on the white ceiling, the entire ceiling is a color, very beautiful, neat and coordinated.