Structure of LED panel light / flat light / flat light(1)


LED panel light housing kit includes: 1.Aluminum frame […]

LED panel light housing kit includes:
1.Aluminum frame
Appearance structure, LED heat dissipation main structure-AL6063, aluminum extrusion die is generally used, low initial cost, beautiful surface treatment, and good heat dissipation effect. A few days ago, I also found that some manufacturers began to manufacture die-casting frames, so IP grade can be made higher One point, and the seal is better, the overall appearance is beautiful, but the initial investment cost of the mold is higher. Zh
2.Diffusion plate
The light of the light guide plate is evenly dispersed, and it also uses the function of shielding the dots. The diffuser plate usually uses acrylic or 2.0 material, and the cost of acrylic is lower and the light transmittance is slightly higher than that of PC. Acrylic is fragile. Anti-aging, weak performance, PC is slightly more expensive, but anti-aging performance is strong, the diffuser plate can not see the point after installation, light transmittance is about 90%, acrylic transmittance is 92%, PC is 88% You can choose the diffuser material according to your needs.