Structural composition of led flat lamp


Compared with other lamps, the structure of the LED fla […]

Compared with other lamps, the structure of the LED flat lamp is unique. It is mainly composed of a light source, a light guide plate, a diffuser, a reflective paper, and a driving power supply. Compared with other lamps, it has more light guide plates, diffusers, and reflective paper. The structure of the product.
1, LED light source
LED flat lamp manufacturers basically use SMD chip series in the use of LED light sources, such as 3528, 3014 and so on. The market faced by LED panel lamp manufacturers is dynamic. The manufacturers will choose the light source that meets the design requirements according to the actual needs of the customers. The selection of LED light source is extremely critical to the improvement of product performance, and is one of the important factors to improve the quality of LED flat lamps.