Now, lighting is just the beginning


LEDs are more than just lighting. It is an electronic p […]

LEDs are more than just lighting. It is an electronic platform that opens the door to new, more flexible solutions. Cameras, sensors and other data collection tools can provide additional value to customers.

Sachetti said: "We are about to have amazing features. Soon, our lights will allow us to pay close attention to the number of vehicles in the parking lot and the pedestrian flow on the sidewalk. This information can help companies improve asset utilization or retail sales. And maximize advertising opportunities."

“This possibility will also be extended to other applications. If the open-air parking lot has electricity and infrastructure, lighting fixtures can take advantage of this to monitor the surrounding environment in many ways. We will have advanced security capabilities, environmental monitoring, and transportation. Perceived and smarter parking. LED technology creates a platform that helps people determine where to park."