How to install garden lights (1)


Garden lights are used for outdoor lighting. It is main […]

Garden lights are used for outdoor lighting. It is mainly used for green lighting in residential areas. Since the installation is outdoors, the environment is different and the installation requires a matching pole. Only the quality of the installation can ensure the safety of the garden lights. How to install garden lights? What are the precautions?

1. It is recommended to install garden light source with low power, high color rendering, high pressure sodium lamp, metal halide lamp, high pressure mercury lamp and incandescent lamp. The insulation resistance of the conductive part of each group to the ground should be greater than 2MΩ, and the garden light should be installed vertically. For example, column-type street lamps, floor-standing street lamps, special gardening lamps, etc. should be fixed on the foundation, and the anchor bolts should be complete. The fuses in each set of fuses are complete and the specifications are compatible with the lamp. The junction box or fuse box of the lighting device and the waterproof gasket of the cover should be installed properly. Street lights on overhead poles should be placed correctly, reliable and reliable. The fasteners are complete and tight. Each set of lights should be protected by a fuse. When the lamp poles on the courtyard lights and street lamps are to be automatically switched according to the brightness of natural light, they should be debugged, and the automatic switching power supply control device of the lamps should be accurate.