Advantages of LED tunnel lights


Comparison between LED and traditional tunnel lighting […]

Comparison between LED and traditional tunnel lighting light source LED is a solid-state semiconductor device that can directly convert electricity into light. Compared with traditional road tunnel lighting light sources (sodium lamps, metal halide lamps, etc.), LED light sources have the following advantages:
(1) Low light decay: If the heat dissipation conditions are good, the first 10000h of the LED is positive light decay, the first 10000h light decay is 3% to 10%, and the first 50,000h is basically 30%, which is far lower than ordinary road lighting sources. Luminescence is more stable.
(2) High color rendering: Generally, the color rendering of LED is about 70 ~ 80, which is higher if using three primary color phosphors; general high pressure sodium lamps are 20 ~ 35, and low pressure sodium lamps are lower, so even the brightness of traditional light sources Higher than LED, but the visual effect is worse than LED, "not the brightest, but the clearest look" This should be a direction of LED light source application development.
(3) Lifetime: The lifespan of LED is higher than that of general road tunnel lighting sources, and now generally higher than 50000H.
(4) Price: Although the price of LED lamp head is currently higher than that of traditional lighting fixtures, its price is currently declining as the manufacturing technology matures.
In addition, LED also has the advantages of high maintenance factor, good safety performance, no flicker, energy saving and environmental protection.