Advantages of LED tube


1. Environmental protection. LED lights do not contain […]

1. Environmental protection. LED lights do not contain mercury and do not cause pollution. The life of LED lamps is longer than that of ordinary fluorescent tubes or incandescent lamps, which effectively reduces the environmental pollution of the eliminated lamps. In addition, the energy consumption of LED lamps accounts for only one third of the energy consumption of traditional fluorescent lamps. As for incandescent lamps, needless to say LED lights can be said to be synonymous with energy saving and environmental protection lamps.
2. Clean. The cleaning here is not the lamp itself, but because it does not have ultraviolet or infrared rays, so when the lamp is turned on in the summer, there will not be many tiny mosquitoes flying around the lamp, and of course it will not be in the tube. The stains on the mosquito carcasses remain on top so that the room looks cleaner.