How to choose LED panel light manufacturers?


Nowadays, LED flat panel lights have great advantages i […]

Nowadays, LED flat panel lights have great advantages in the market. More and more businesses or mass consumers feel the energy saving and convenience of LED flat panel lights. However, in the face of fierce competition in the market, customers choose a quality Good LED panel light manufacturers are essential. First, the product has passed relevant certifications: When choosing an LED panel lamp manufacturer, it depends on whether there is a relevant certification, and then on whether the product's material workmanship is exquisite, and the products are certified by the national quality system standards.
Second, inspect the production scale of the manufacturers: before deciding to purchase, you must go to the relevant LED panel lamp manufacturers to conduct relevant field inspections, examine the production capacity of the manufacturers, whether they can sign the contract, and the delivery time of the strong manufacturers will not be delayed With contract and guaranteed shipping date.
Third, after-sales service: If the fault occurs, if it is caused by the LED flat lamp manufacturer, it can fulfill the responsibility of returning and replacing, and any return or exchange caused by the manufacturer should be picked up by the manufacturer.