• LED Panel Light Maintenance Instructions

    LED Panel Light Maintenance Instructions

    Note 1: Before cleaning the LED panel light, be sure to check whether the power has been disconnected before cleaning the panel light. Note two: When cleaning LED flat lamps, most people will use a semi-wet cloth for wiping. This is not possible. Be sure to wipe with a dry cloth. Note 3: In order to... Read More

    17-04-2020 News
  • LED light source panel light (1)

    LED light source panel light (1)

    Efficiency is an important indicator for evaluating the performance of LED panel lights. Luminous efficiency is the ratio of the luminous flux emitted by the light source to the electrical power it consumes, in lm / W. Luminaire efficiency refers to the ratio of the initial total luminous flux emitt... Read More

    22-04-2020 News
  • LED light source panel light (2)

    LED light source panel light (2)

    From the LED light source to the light guide plate, the reflector, until the final display output of the LED flat lamp, the light utilization rate will be reduced by about 30% from the brightness index, and the final utilization rate of the LED flat lamp from the light guide plate to the final utili... Read More

    29-04-2020 News
  • LED Flat Lamp Market

    LED Flat Lamp Market

    Everyone knows something about LED panel lights. Such lamps have been very popular in the market in recent years. Next, let us understand the product characteristics and application scope of LED flat lamp. hope this helps. First, the product characteristics of LED flat lamp (1) High efficiency and e... Read More

    07-05-2020 News
  • LED panel light application analysis

    LED panel light application analysis

    It is known that LEDs are widely used in various fields, and many LED lamps can be seen on many occasions. LED lamps generally have good transparency, and the softness of the light emitted is also very good, and the light emitted by these led lights is less harmful to the eyes and effectively avoids... Read More

    14-05-2020 News