How to install garden lights


2. The grounding of the garden lamp should be strictly […]

2. The grounding of the garden lamp should be strictly observed. The metal column and the lamp can be close to the bare conductor and should be connected with the PEN line reliably. The grounding line shall be provided with a trunk line. The trunk line shall be arranged along the courtyard light to form a ring network. The grounding trunk line shall be connected to the grounding device with no less than two places. The branch line is led out by the grounding trunk and connected to the metal lamp post and the ground terminal of the lamp, and has a mark. The grounding branch of the luminaire cannot be connected in series with the luminaire to prevent the individual luminaires from being displaced or replaced to lose ground protection.

3. After the installation of the power-on test run lamp is completed, the test run is allowed to pass after the insulation test is passed. After power-on, it should be carefully inspected and patrolled to check whether the control of the luminaire is flexible and accurate. Whether the switch and the luminaire control sequence correspond to each other. If problems are found, the power should be cut off immediately, and the cause should be found and repaired until the luminaire can operate normally.