Flat light design


In the future, the development direction of flat panel […]

In the future, the development direction of flat panel lamp panels tends to be ultra-light and ultra-thin in appearance design, and even more so as to be the light source when needed, and the ceiling is the curtain wall and the wallpaper when not needed.
With the improvement of living standards, people's requirements for indoor lamps and lanterns are getting higher and higher. Lamps and lanterns need not only the function of lighting, but also the fashionable personality, which can reflect the unique taste of the owner. Under this development, the appearance design of the product is an important factor considered by many designers.
An important feature of LED panel lights is their ultra-thin thickness, which provides designers with room to play. Although the LED panel light started relatively late, it is not particularly used in the market at present, but it has the advantage of being light and thin and less glare, so the future space should be very large. At present, in the field of designers, the requirements for personalized design of lighting are getting higher and higher. In foreign countries, indirect lighting is no longer a problem. Indirect lighting needs to hide the lamp beads and intelligently control the color and brightness of the light to give people a more comfortable feeling.