Analysis of the status quo of China's plastic optical fiber industry


Plastic optical fiber (POF) is a high-transparent polym […]

Plastic optical fiber (POF) is a high-transparent polymer such as polystyrene (PS), polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA), polycarbonate (PC) as a core material, PMMA, fluoroplastic, etc. as a skin material. Optical fiber (optical fiber). Different materials have different light attenuation properties and temperature application ranges. Plastic optical fiber can be used not only for the last 100 to 1000 meters of the access network, but also for various vehicles, airplanes, and other vehicles. It is an excellent short-distance data transmission medium.
The current status of the development of plastic optical fiber in China is mainly manifested in three aspects:
First, there are problems in the application standards, industrial alliances, product development and application of plastic optical fibers, such as lack of guidance, lack of communication, and unclear market orientation. These problems have brought a lot of investment blindness, and it has led to the situation that “the future is a good project, but there is no market without benefit”.
Second, plastic raw material technology, fiber-making cable technology, optical device development and manufacturing technology are relatively backward, and it is still necessary to cooperate with overseas companies to develop and introduce digestion and absorption.
Third, there is no real "scaled enterprise". In particular, the market for plastic optical fiber and optical devices for communication and communication is still small, and the scale of the entire market is less than 1 billion yuan.
Although plastic optical fiber has a history of 10 years in China, the current understanding of plastic optical fiber is still insufficient in China, especially in technical engineering design. The understanding of the design and application of optical devices is also insufficient, which has caused a serious disconnect between plastic optical fiber and optical devices and the market, which is the main reason why it cannot be applied on a large scale.