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Sunflower Umbrella

Sunflower Umbrella

LinHai Zhongtian Electronics Appliance Co., Ltd

Business Type:Manufacturer, Distributor
Brands: Hanfeng
Certificate:CE , RoHS
Terms of payment and delivery:Payment: 30% TT as deposit and 70% TT before shipment
Minimum order quantity:200
Packing details:Corrugated carton packing
Delivery time:Three weeks later
Payment method:L/C, T/T,

Product Details



There are three working conditions for sunflower umbrella (smart sunny devices):
1. Tracking the sun under normal condition (sunny weather).
2. Automatic return. After sunset, the umbrella stops tracking and returns to its vertical state, waiting for the next day.
3. Intermission tracking. For example, for a period of time during the day when it is cloudy, the umbrella will stop tracking, automatically return to initial position. When lighting and tracking conditions are suitable, the tracking system will be acti-
vated again and the photoelectric sensor will be refocused on the sun for work.
1. Shading: The umbrella surface can be opened and closed by the keys on the control box. In the open state, the umbrella surface and the tracking system are combined to completely block the sunlight. The space under the umbrella will always keep in a cool state. People do not need to change their position with the sun's rise and fall to achieve the best shade effect.
2. Charging for Mobile phones: converting solar energy into electrical energy to charge mobile phones Applicable to mobile phones: Apple, Android.
Voltage current:5V1A.
3. Lighting: Use LED lights to iluminate the area under the umbrella for people's leisure and learning.
4. Audio: Audio can be installed on umbrella.



Residential courtyard
Leisure outdoor
Outdoor pool
Walking street
High-end villa
Courtyard in mid- to high-end residential area
Royal guard standing guard
Seaside resort
Leisure hotel
Travel home


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