Put an umbrella in the garden: sunshade, rain, tea, comfortable!


Patio umbrella has been widely used in our life, not on […]

Patio umbrella has been widely used in our life, not only has beautiful appearance, but also effective sunscreen shading effect. There is a Roman umbrella in the courtyard umbrella. The most fashionable and unique shape. The lines are distinct. The shading effect is very good!

Put the garden shade, rain, drink tea under the umbrella, comfortable!

Maybe you don't know much about the Roman umbrella, but it is the most powerful one in the outdoor umbrella. It can rotate 180 degrees or 360 degrees, blocking the ultraviolet rays in all directions. People standing inside without sweating, tables and chairs. It doesn't have to fade in the sun.

The installation is simple, and the female Han paper is fixed in ten minutes. There are pictures with the truth. This sun umbrella is not much different from the picture. It is very good. The color and my security room can also be matched. It is very easy and simple. The base of the water tank is also very stable. I thought the umbrella was a little short. After installation, it was still quite high. I One meter sixty-five, standing on the ground and raising the handle, is the effect of the picture. Wide range of shades, good results, and very natural colors

The strength of the sun is also very good. The skeleton is also very stable.

The all-aluminum alloy has a very good texture and is beautiful.

The LED lights are also super long standby, and they are used at night. This kind of weather, the umbrellas that are indispensable, are not afraid of wind and rain!

High-grade goods, tight seams, excellent workmanship, with the base, strong, windy, do not worry, the umbrella is also very delicate, as the introduction said, a girl can operate alone, convenient and convenient!

Needless to say, you must like this kind of Roman umbrella; every day, good mood, start from the Roman umbrella!